Every Saturday 10:00 to 2:00
24 Maple Road - Chelmsford, MA
(Every winter since 2010)

Monday, October 28, 2019

We Have A New Website - See Below!

In April of 2019 Chelmsford Agway changed their name to Maxwell's. Since the current owners purchased the store in March 2010 they made many changes to the store such as expanding the organic lawn & garden offerings, more unique garden products, introduction of premium pet foods, expansion of the chicken, wild bird & bee-keeping departments and hosting a multitude of free seminars including raising backyard chickens, composting, canning and bee-keeping. Additionally, in their first year of ownership, they began the Chelmsford Agway Winters Farmers Market (now known as Maxwell’s Winter Farmers Market) where they host over 18 farms and small, locally owned businesses to sell their locally grown or handcrafted products every Saturday November through February. With all the changes incorporated, they felt a need to realign the store's name from a corporate image to what they really are - an independent, locally owned, vibrant, small business. You can see Maxwell in the front seat of the truck on the store logo, along with Molly in the back of the truck. Maxwell and Molly are the owner's much loved and pampered dogs. Yes, you will still be greeted by the same friendly, knowledgeable staff and the store still offers all of the same great Agway products they have always carried.

Our new website now has a page just for the winter's farmers market where you can get all your weekly updates & photos:



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